5 Ways to Wear a T-Shirt for Work From Home

white t shirt outfits for every occasion

How to dress up a t-shirt 5 ways - styled by lifestyle blogger Eileen Lazazzera of yesmissy.com

The basic white t-shirt – it’s a staple in all our wardrobes. It’s something that pretty much anyone and everyone has in their closet, and the ways on how to dress up a t-shirt is pretty are almost endless.

The basic white tee is the foundation to an elevated, yet laid-back look. And over the years I’ve filled my closet with so many variations of this great classic piece – cropped, tight, oversized, distressed, v-neck, but my favourite is the a cotton crew. One that’s not too fitted and not too loose, and that falls at the hip, so you can tuck it in or tie up.

Now that we’re all spending a more time at home these days. The t-shirt has become a daily staple for me once again.

It’s the perfect piece to wear that looks good and feels comfortable. As as much as you’re tempted to wear PJ’s all day, even throwing on a tee and getting dressed, helps to set you up for a productive work day, even if that means you’re not going anywhere.

The wonderful thing about a t shirt is that it is such a flexible article of clothing. You can wear it with practically anything: dress it up, dress it down, make it sporty, or even combine it with professional attire.

So to showcase my adoration for this classic fashion staple, I’m sharing 5 ideas on how to dress up a t-shirt for work from home.

How to Dress up a T-Shirt for Work from Home

How to dress up a shirt and jeans for work from home - add a cute cardy and some flats - www.yesmissy.com

1. Casual Look – T-Shirt and Jeans Outfit

If you work in tech, you’ll know that a t-shirt and jeans are pretty much the unofficial Silicone Valley uniform. I work in tech myself, but being in finance sector, things are typically a little more formal.

But now that I’m working from home, things are a little more laid back. Something like this t-shirt and jeans outfit paired with a cute cardy is typically what I’ve been wearing on most days lately.

I feel it strikes a good balance between pulled together and casual. The cardy not only adds a little bit of warmth for those cooler spring days, but an easy way to dress up a skinny jeans and t shirt outfit a little more.

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5 white t-shirt outfits - tee with leopard midi skirt styled by fashion blogger Eileen Lazazzera of yesmissy.com

2. T-Shirt and Midi Skirt Outfit

Wearing a white t with a midi skirt is a great way to add a little femininity to your work from home days. Midi skirts are both comfy and flattering, and perfect for sitting around and lounging in.

The leopard midi skirt was a huge trend last year and still going strong as a great staple piece for this year as well. What I love about it is it’s wearable year round, and adds instant chic status.

Pair with a t shirt, it makes a great brunch outfit, or in our case right now, even great for a trip to the grocery store for these days, or a quick coffee run.

More midi skirt outfits here:

How to wear a white t-shirt for work -  jeans and blazer business casual outfit from yesmissy.com

3. Business Casual Look with Blazer and Jeans

Of course there are some days were you need to dress things up a bit. How to dress up a t shirt you ask? Well it’s as easy as throwing on a blazer jacket, with a good pair of dark jeans, you instantly have a polished look.

This t shirt and blazer look is a perfect outfit for those video conference calls when you want to look pulled together and still be comfy.

Here I’m wearing a white t shirt and blazer combination paired with my favourite Citizen Rocket skinny jeanns in black. Simple and pulled together outfit that looks professional without a fuss.

More workwear outfits here:

Athleisure outfits - shirts to wear with leggings for a sporty look

4. Athleisure Outfits – T Shirt and Leggings

This look is definitely the most casual of the bunch. Sometimes you just don’t want to wear real pants and going athleisure is the perfect way to do that and still look good!

A white tee is the perfect shirts to wear with leggings. Here I’ve styled mine with some sporty Adidas original leggings and thrown on a satin black bomber jacket to help keep me warm. I’ve added some fun neon chunky sneakers from GUESS for a pop of colour as well.

how to wear a white tee shirt 5 ways - styled by Eileen Lazazzera of YesMissy

5. Everyday work from home look

Last but not least, this is is a this last look for my white tee outfits round up. In this look I pair my white t-shirt with a pair of pink paperbag dress pants and layered with a long line sweater vest.

This is a great casual t shirt outfit for those warmer days where you don’t feel like wearing a full sleeve cardigan, but still want to be cozy at home. It’s a great combination for spring and summer and looks effortlessly pulled together while comfy at the same time.

Well that rounds up my post on how to dress up a t shirt for work from home. These are just 5 examples, but I’m sure you can see truly how versatile the plain white tee can be and the reason why it’s such a essential wardrobe staple to have in your closet!

Shop my favourite white t shirts below:

For more casual workwear looks:

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