5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

Whether you're relaxing or entertaining, these cozy decorating ideas will create a warm and inviting living room, year-round. Plus, get more of our best living room inspiration!

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With winter in full swing, the chilly temperatures have us rushing home to get back home to the comfort of a cozy couch, a hot cup of tea, and a cuddly throw. Creating a cozy living space offers you a place to hide out from the cold and welcomes your friends and family to come and help the long winter season speed by.

5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

1. Throw on the Layers

Nothing says cozy quite like layers and textures. Love the knit blanket and furry pillows
Image Source: Surely Simple

Layer on the blankets and throws and pillows. Nothing says cozy quite like layers and textures. Wool, linen and sheepskins are the order of the day at this time of year. Throw them over the backs of chairs, on the seat of your sofa or keep blankets neatly rolled in a basket so you and you can grab them anytime you feel the chill.

2. Add a Rug (or two!)

Winter is ALL about those warm cozy comforts. 5 simple ideas on to Bring the Cozy Pinterest *Hygge* Trend into Your Home This Winter

Image Source: Living Room Ideas

Tile and wooden floors have been very popular in contemporary and modern design, but you can’t beat an area rug to warm up a cool floor. Not only are they a great way to add visual interest to the room, rugs on bare floors help keep in heat, meaning they are literally warming your space. You can even layer rugs on top of each other for extra coziness on your feet.

3 . Create a warm glow

Cozy living room spaces, adding candles brings warmth to any room

Image Source: Worth Miner

Nothing says cozy like a flicker of a flame.  Get candles and dot them around your sitting room, kitchen, and your bathroom for a warm, cocoon-like feel. If you have a fireplace, building a fire is a great way to generate warmth and creating a relaxing environment, but even if you don’t, candles can help transform the mood of any room with their soft glow.

4. Get the scent going

Candles are one way to warm the room and complement the crisp winter air outside. Try lighting a spicy candle, with something like a cinnamon and apple fragrance

Image Source: Ana Mum Diary

An enticing fragrance adds to the coziness of a room as well as complements the decor to create a welcoming feeling. Warm scents like vanilla, and cinnamon are perfect for those cold winter days.  Candles are great for this as well as your diffuser to help with the dry air in the room.

5. Pillows Everywhere

Using any combination of these tips can help your living room go from stark and cold to warm and inviting. Most of these additions are pretty simple too, so start cozifying your living space now and get ready to settle in for comfortable and relaxing winter.

Pillows are another easy way to change up your decor and instantly make space seem cozy. Pile them on top of your sofa, bed, or even place a few on the floor. Pick pillows with different textures and materials to make it fun. And by adding one or two throw blankets and some pillows in your living room,  you’re inviting everyone to curl up and get comfy. The abundance of pillows in this room just makes you want to curl up, read a book and relax.

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9 responses to “5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home”

  1. Marceline Dementori says:

    Loving all of your ideas here! I think it’s awesome to make the house even more cozy especially for the cold season. These tips definitely do the trick!

  2. Kendra Williams says:

    These are all so cute and comfy looking! Now I want to start redecorating!

  3. I felt warm and cozy browsing all these beautiful set ups. My home needs a cozy makeover.

  4. Lisa Rios says:

    We love using pillows to make our house look cozy. Adds to the warm, homey feel.

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