Beauty DIY: Adorable Polka Dot Nails

DIY: Easy Polka Dot Nails

In the spirit of summer, I’ve decided to keep the summer fun going with a fun colorful polka-dot manicure. The finished look of these nails really remind me of Dippin’ Dots ice cream. It’s a fun, playful look and super easy to create!

DIY: How to do a fun polka dot mani

  1. To create this fun polka dot nail art, you’ll need few colors of nail polish (4 in my case) and a dotting tool (or just use a blunt toothpick.) You’ll just want to start off with 2 coats of  nail polish. As you can see here, I’ve decided to alternate the colors of my base coat to create a more colorful look.
  2. I started off with pink polka dots first.  You’ll want to put a drop a nail polish on a piece of paper and dot roll your dotting tool in it to pick up the color. I decided to make the dots of varying sizes for a fun, random look.  (Also, make it’s a lot easier to do because you won’t need to worry about perfection!) To make dots, bigger or smaller, adjust the amount of pressure and time you hold your dotting tool to your nail. I basically did 4-6 pink dots on all the nails that didn’t have pink as a base color. If you feel a little nervous trying it on your nail right away, you can always practice some dotting first on a piece of paper. 🙂
  3. Next, I did the same thing with green. Here’s a little hint for you: when dotting your nail polish on, it will be easier to work with while it still has fluid liquid consistency, once it starts to dry it becomes more difficult to work with.  So you may need to give yourself a fresh drop of nail polish on your scrap paper every few nails. You’ll also want to clean your dotting after every few nails and between colors to keep the surface of it smooth to create round polka dots.
  4. I followed up with purple and finally yellow! If at the end you feel like you need a few more dots of a certain color you can always go back and add them in. You’ll notice that the dots actually have a raised texture to them, but once you put on your top coat, it will even everything out. I hope you liked these fun easy polka dot nails!


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Beauty DIY: Adorable Polka Dot Nails